Friday, October 22, 2010

Burn2 - Flying Mortars, Privilege and A Chat With "Philip"

It's been an exhausting couple of days at Burn2 and, since I am once again reduced to walking around the playa, I was looking for builds that didn't require as much energy on my part. :)

I left off yesterday back at the Stilt Bitches' Flying Circus which gives me a chance to show you their performance "tent". Built by Paramparamm Papp it is filled with not only their unique brand of insanity but lots of very cool freebies.

As I wandered around I saw a flying mortar. No really! A flying mortar.

This is the type of creation that makes me just stand there and stare in envy. The West Nest of Baba Yaga is a collaboration by Eisie Etchegaray, Sohma Dix and Jupiter Vale. In addition to the gorgeous build you can acquire a free ride on a pestle to complement the flying mortar. If you haven't visited this corner of the playa make sure you do - it's something you need to remind yourself how fabulous we can make this world.

From wonder at the talents of inworld builders I then moved to the wonder inspired by Raven Haalan's Bell Tower of Privilege. Again a great build, created after a discussion with friends. He explains it clearly in the notecard provided but to paraphrase, we don't know what the purpose is but we are clearly privileged that in a universe filled with stars and planets and more there is also a place for us.

Make sure your sounds are turned up and explore and enjoy the bells and the texture changes as the light shifts. His gift is a wonderful version of his build. Truly worth your time!

My final destination today was the latest from Ub Yifu. Puppet Masters is scary and wonderful and funny and really really well done! You are going to have to visit to get a full appreciation for this work but ....

.... if your conversation with a beautifully animated Philip Linden goes half as well as mine did you will thank me. :)

There are still a few days of events at Burn 2 (including the big Man and Temple burns, but lots of concerts and more) so check out the calendar. I'm going to get some new sneakers with orthotic insoles and keep wandering around. :)

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