Thursday, October 21, 2010

Burn2 - Racing, Road Hazards and Rangers

Allow me to begin by stating that "It was not my fault!". It was an accident and it would have happened to anybody trying to avoid that furry speed demon on a bicycle.

It was a long day, and it's a long blog post, but it started when I took my trusty Big Wheel to go see a build I was interested in .

You may know mobile homes but they are nothing compared to The Behemoth by Huntress Catteneo. This creation is both functional and gorgeous and I didn't want to wait around fussing about a stupid car accident so I left the scene and went for a tour.

The inside is as impressive as the exterior and on the top level is this amazing greenhouse/garden/rest area. Peaceful and useful at the same time.

Unfortunately when I came back out I discovered that I still had a problem with my vehicle.

A Ranger appeared (more about them later) and gave me a lecture about looking where I was going (he should so go talk to that reckless cyclist) and removed the car suggesting I walk instead. Seriously, if I see that little two wheeled furry menace again he'll be sorry!

I fumed for a while and then saw a notice about Ant Races and thought I should check it out. After all, if I'm sitting on an Ant I'm not torturing my bunions!

Ant Vegas is this bizarre delightful build by the Aeonia Artist Group: Ally Aeon, lala Lightfoot, Miki Bizet, Moeuhane Sandalwood, Nik Gandt, Penelope Parx, Solkide Auer, Visceral Dreamscape and Pete Jiminy. There are more of their Ants all over the playa - you'll fall in love with them and start seeking them out!

The group purchased the Ants from Matilda Milena and made them move and race with the help of inventor, builder, scripter, and artist Jil Rodenberger. It's a wonderfully quirky, and somehow not creepy, experience everybody should try.

You sit on an Ant at the Start Line, the race begins and you ride your Ant around the course and back to the Finish Line. The first one back wins the trophy. The Ant animations must be seen - they are truly superb!

Unfortunately I seem to have gotten a really really far sighted Ant. He kept blundering into things, including the late lamented street sign on the corner.

I'm not to blame, right? I mean it's not like Ants have been domesticated for very long - they are unpredictable.

Try explaining that to the Ranger who so conveniently arrived just as the street sign was falling over. Even as I protested my innocence I could see it was having no effect on him. Maybe if I had bigger boobs?

The Burn2 Rangers are a group of volunteers headed by Ronan Carver. They are NOT the police. I kept reminding myself of that as he led me to their headquarters (just because they have a headquarters does not make them a police force). And it wasn't like I was nervous - because after all, none of it was my fault!

I admired their building and I explained that I also admired the job they were doing. After all Burn2 has appeared to be remarkably peaceful and I've seen no signs of griefing or intolerance.

Then he started fiddling with this big bank of buttons and controls. When I asked him what he was doing he muttered something about determining the best mode of transport for me on the playa.

I'm guessing they think this is really funny.

Do go check out the Burn2 Calendar. I'm going to go hunt a hairy two wheeled road hog and introduce him to a mutant Ant.



I should just put a note at the bottom of all of my posts which says that if I don't look like a dorky avatar then I must be using a Gesticulate pose. :)


Anonymous said...

I am sooooo glad that I saw The Behemoth by Huntress Catteneo AND took lots of photos BEFORE you started crashing into it. sheesh. /me starts amassing a slush fund for your moving violations fund.

*I* think that the Burn2 committee should gather up all your posts and turn them into a travel guide for Burn 2. I absolutely LOVE them, and they are my way of experiencing Burn 2 since I've not been able to be there much myself this week. Great job!!!

Honour McMillan said...

um thank you :)

I'd like to point out that it was a very small dent, hardly worth mentioning at all in fact!