Friday, October 15, 2010

Burn2 - Metropolis - Civilization in the Desert

Sledge Roffo "Here Comes the Sun"

I decided to do a bit of research before I continued my explorations and found this theme description on the Burn2 website:

This year's theme is Metropolis - Civilization in the Desert." Exploration and expression of the urban reality in the style of Burning Man, where materials are trucked into the desert to build a temporary city that then disappears, leaving no trace.

The "Civilization in the Desert" was added to the main Burning Man theme of Metropolis to set a tone of impermanence and desert orientation. The intention is to imitate Burning Man, being set in a very real desert with very real transportation issues, and to lead away from the construction of huge and heavy structures that would be disingenuous, given the desert nature of burning culture.

This explains all the cityscapes you will find on the playa. It's a trip through time as well as culture as you wander through the 6 sims - history, current affairs and the future are all represented.

Neeks Karu "Fallen"

There is some risk to being an innocent exploring the wonders that have been built. You see civilization has a dark underbelly.

Nawlins Streeter "Metropolis"

In any culture, no matter how simple or advanced, somebody has to do the work of keeping everything running so that those fortunate few can enjoy their luxuries.

Nawlins Streeter "Metropolis"

I'd appreciate it in the future if you'd all pick up after yourselves. I can't spend the entire festival cleaning - I have more exciting things to do and see.

Caro Fayray "The Work Floor"

I understand that a few artists were extended special invitations to participate. I'm going to go see what they did and I will report back. Well ..... unless it turns out I have more work to do. sigh




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