Saturday, October 16, 2010

Burn2 - The Gates Open

It is dark now, but in a few hours (at noon SLT) the gates to Burn2 will open and there will be rangers and guides and visitors and freebies and art and madness and fun.

I've discovered in my wanderings that some of my friends are hiding here in the desert building their own camps and plan to seek them out in the days ahead. Today though, allow me to point out the 6 installations by some well known invited artists.

This first one made me laugh. I'm hoping that doesn't mean I'm missing the point! You'll understand when you go visit.


This marvel of engineering was my refuge on thursday and I love it ..... the feel and the movement and the design.


This next piece is very very very tall and gorgeous. It shows the magic that comes from water (and artists). Someday I will learn how to take a half decent photograph of something very very very tall!


We know this one will be fabulous. Everything she does is fabulous. But until the gates open I don't think I'm allowed to know what's going on inside.


This beautiful build gives you a chance to transform and become totally immersed. Dancing with fire in the air is fun!


Finally, give yourself plenty of time to pick through the "Detritus" on this one. It's a true "one man's junk is another man's treasure" experience.


There are a lot of sites at the festival I want to explore and some exciting events are planned. I really want to see the Japanese Marching Band and go to the Stilt Bitches' Flying Circus and the Lamplighters Ceremony and well, you get the idea.

Be there when the gates open and go see for yourself. And keep an eye on the calendar!

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