Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Burn2 - Something is Happening in the Second Life Desert

I was born in the desert. When I'm not wandering around the great builds inworld I like to return to the playa which was my original home to renew myself. Today I was startled to discover tire tracks in the dry mud and followed them to find obvious signs of major activity. In the middle of nowhere!

I heard some music and traced it back to somebody who obviously belongs to this anomalous undertaking. Amanda Shinji was friendly and assured me that everything that I saw around me was planned but temporary and that, in the very near future, all of Second Life's residents would be invited to visit and enjoy.

She explained that her Lost Republik Desert Soundsystem was a way to bring the fun of her regular club to the desert (it streams the music from Bootie Nights in San Francisco). All of her events (and apparently many many more) are available on a calendar.

There are separate calendars for two special locations. The Center Camp and the Berlin Stage - which looked like a temple to me. She tells me there is a temple but this isn't it.

I wandered about a bit more and found this large male figure. Somebody mentioned that the name of this place is Burn2 and that it's a festival. A festival eh? Wonder why they call it "Burn".

It's going to take some time but I'm planning to explore this strange "festival" in the desert. Stay tuned for updates.

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