Thursday, October 7, 2010

An Ankle High View in Second Life

That is a standard .5 m box in that photo and, yes, my avatar does not quite measure up to that height. It's one of the Micro Foxes you can find at Micros R Us or on the Marketplace. What I like about it (apart from the fact that it's impossibly cute) is that you can modify the textures and create your own unique look. In addition, your regular ao will work!

The two big downsides are that you spend a lot of time staring at ankles and that suddenly there are a host of new predators to guard against.

One of the reasons I got this new little avatar was that I was trying to get out from under all of the latest round of doom and gloom. I feel bad for the Educators and Non-Profits and I really wish LL had taken their budgeting cycles into consideration when they made their decision.

However, I can't fix things for them. I also can't join the latest chorus of "it's the end of the world". I have found as much passion for Second Life in the people who work at LL as I have from the people lambasting them and I've decided that my only reasonable course of action is to try and work on positive endeavours. So with that in mind I'm finishing the final draft of a proposal which, if it flies, will probably have me stressed to the max for months to come but the possibility of a positive outcome will keep me motivated. And when the next "sky is falling" cycle starts this avatar can literally hide under the bed until it passes.

I'm really too old to try and play PollyAnna - but I find the constant negative stuff swirling about exhausting and debilitating. So I'll work on something I hope is positive and trust that the rest of this life sorts itself out.

Poses: HUP Std 5 & Mif Std 1 from Gesticulate

Location for Scary Dog @ Fiction & Chaos


Anonymous said...

i LOVE this micro avatars! Thanks for sharing!

And about the last part of your post... you know i'm with with you at that. (cozy)

Honour McMillan said...

thank you! And if the project goes ahead you're the first person I'm calling :)

Chestnut Rau said...

I have I micro fox! We should go out micro dancing! :)

Honour McMillan said...

A micro flash mob!

Dale Innis said...

haha I love these micros! I am still trying to figure out exactly how they do it. :)

And yeah, people always tend to talk more about negative stuff than about positive stuff; just human (blogger? haha) nature I think...

Here's to enjoying the good stuff!

Honour McMillan said...

Dear Dale: Oddly enough there's a script involved. :)