Friday, October 29, 2010

Impromptu Second Life Musical Magic

It was relatively late last night (almost 8:00 pm SLT) when I checked twitter and saw a tweet that said some Nashville musicians were having a jam session inworld. So I logged in and teleported to Nowhereville and enjoyed one of those special times that remind us of all the good in Second Life. :)

Kristine Kristan is the owner of Mad Wax Records ( an in-world resource to listen to and learn about the live live original music scene in Second Life, built in the style of a neighborhood record shop) and has a parcel in the Five Islands - luckily for those of us there she's also a friend of Lance Rembrandt.

Last night Lance was with a group of friends at the home of Jackie Peters (widow of songwriter Ben Peters) and they decided to make some music and share it with people inworld.

Although only two avies were on the stage there was a staggering array of talent sharing the microphones. In addition to Lance we heard:

It was a fantastic evening of fun and music and jokes and listening to good friends enjoy each other's company and talent.

One avatar on the stage was, of course, Lance's. The other is a newbie to Second Life but not to the music scene. Introducing SL's brand new resident OrrinBolton Serenity.

If the name rings a bell you might know him as a fine singer/performer who just happens to be Michael Bolton's big brother. Last night's session was his second toe-dip in the Second Life waters.

Dear Reader, if you ever get a chance to hear him inworld (and encourage him to stick around) take it! He's going to be a fabulous addition to our music scene. And if we can persuade the others to join him we should take every opportunity to do just that.

Thank you to Kristine and Lance for setting this up. I wish more had been around to enjoy it - unfortunately most of my friends were asleep. I'm very glad I checked twitter when I did. :)

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Kristine said...

Thank you so much for coming and for such a great post about last night. I'm so happy to be able to help LANCE show how virtual music performance works to such a talented group of people, and to share the listening experience with music lovers from all over.