Friday, March 20, 2009

Biggest SL Blogs?

I try and read all my favourite blogs regularly but, for various reasons, I can't always do that. So I didn't see ArminasX' post about SL blogs til today. He has been doing some research/math/investigations regarding the most popular SL blogs.

I can't quibble with a lot of it. However, I don't believe I'm at 183. I mean, I'm sure there are a lot more blogs ahead of me! :) He's going to do some more work on the list and once he's fixed it I think I'll wind up much further down.

Crap is at number 15. I guess there are a lot of people missing high school because SCD is at 8. Go look at the list yourself - admittedly I saw blogs on there that have gone away and it's probably missing some of the newer ones. But we like lists - so it's fun to read through. :)

Update: Told you I would be lower in the next iteration - #232 sounds more believable. :)

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