Thursday, March 26, 2009

Orange Island Photo Workshop 2

I posted recently about attending a workshop by Raul Crimson on Orange Island. It was interesting and I learned a lot so I went to another one today. This was by Turlututu Chaffe (known as Tur) and included a review of some of his works and tips on his post production techniques.

One of the things that struck me was how much time he spends on post production. I thought spending 20 hours on one of my textures was a lot - he'll spend 10 hours redoing a nose! So although I learned many things I hope to use to improve my photos - I won't be trying to produce anything even close to his work. Not that I could. :)

I'll be going to as many of the workshops as I can. I wish sometimes the presenter would use voice - but the chat works and once you get into the rhythm of it you don't notice the pauses or lack of extraneous noise. :)

What I don't like however, is that some in the audience will crosstalk the presenter. I don't mean respond to him or ask questions. But they actually talk to each other in chat ....."Hi! How are you? Haven't seen you in ages!"..... WTF? Good opportunity to exercise the "mute" button. :)

One very impressive thing about both of the workshops I've attended so far is that each of the presenters was chatting in English - not the first language for either of them. I might be able to handle a voice presentation in French - but my spelling is soooooo bad I wouldn't dare do one in chat. Raul and Tur are both to be congratulated! :)

If you're interested in upcoming photo workshops join the SL Koinup group or sign up for the Orange Island notifications. Both of those methods will keep you up-to-date.


Anonymous said...

ohh dayum.. I would have liked to attend that one.

Honour McMillan said...

ok I'll pass you my notes :)