Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Skye Faery Castle

Alex Bader has built the most incredible new castle! You know I love my Steampunk Castle - one of his builds. This one is called the Sky Faery Castle. If I didn't already have my Steampunk I would buy this one - all 900 and some prims of it. And those prims don't include the amazing furniture he's showing inside.

The castle is huge, has these beautiful curved lines and he's done terrific textures (something I fussed with on the Steampunk Castle).

The great hall.

This throne is for sale but isn't included with the castle. The same holds true for the other pieces on display.

I know these are dark but I didn't have a torch with me. This is a room to the side of the great hall and up a level.

Up a flight of stairs on the outside of the castle and I came to another level with more rooms, including the bedroom (with a really cool bed).

If you go down from the great hall - using this amazing staircase - you wind up in the basement.

Press the right part of the wall down here and you open the door to the dungeon.

A person could have sooooo much fun in this thing. It's really really special.

One word of warning - I tried to investigate the tower next door to it - thinking it might be for sale too. I wound up "dead" and transported back to my own castle.


Anonymous said...

dayum.. I need my own sim to have the prims to live in stuffs like this *sigh*

Honour McMillan said...

I thought of you while I explored this castle - it is perfect for an Elusyve elf! :