Thursday, March 19, 2009

ZeroG SkyDancers

Thanks to Dale I had a chance to go watch the ZeroG SkyDancers tonight. Every now and then you get to experience the culmination of literally hundreds and hundreds of hours of work by a team of the most dedicated, creative and talented individuals you can remember meeting.

That's what it's like to see what this group has done.

It's stunningly beautiful and they should be very, very proud of what they've accomplished!

If you get a chance, go watch them. Even if only to see what can be done in SecondLife. It's a gift. :)


Dale Innis said...

Glad you enjoyed it! :)

And I envy you your graphics card.

Not to mention your posting speed!

Honour McMillan said...

Graphic card? That's not what you were watching? I'll have to ponder that........ :)