Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sweet Sixteen!

Not the best photos I know - but they don't see posing as one of their jobs. :) That's Mulligan up above - just over 7.5 pounds of sly trickster. Her sister Jordie (yes sister, their mother was apparently a slut) is about 8.5 pounds of princess.

They are 16 years old today! I assume the brief jolts of adrenalin they get when 5 pounds of dog chases them keeps them healthy. The 50 pound dog knows her place and just rolls over and submits. :)


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Mulligan & Jordie! I bet that 5-pounder rarely catches them. :) Kitty feet are usually faster than doggie paws, at least in our house!

Honour McMillan said...

lol speed and the fact they can jump much higher :)

R. said...

yay kittehs