Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Golfing can make you a crazy person!

I thought I would spend some time today doing something I've always wanted to do in rl - golf! I went to a new place called the Cheeky Cow Golf Club. Nice place - includes a pro shop where I bought my clubs. According to the signs they have a membership program, tournaments and other special events. cool! I read the instructions, got my score card and headed out onto the course.

The first hole was a par 3 with water - I got a birdie. "Hey!", I thought, "I'm pretty good at this!".

Second hole was a par 5 dogleg left. My first shot left me a little short so I used the driver again. Still a little short (I obviously need more practice). But I was still in good shape for at least a par. I used my wedge and the ball bounced off the green and ran down towards the water at the back. :(

My next wedge shot was back up the hill.

This one trickled back over the green.

I was going to finish my round before I posted about my experience. However, this could take a while.

Excuse me. Somebody wants to play through.


Jeff said...

It's not always such a relaxing sport, is it? ;-)

Honour McMillan said...

I didn't really expect relaxing, honest! However, I also didn't expect character building. :)