Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Inconvenient Second Life Truth

(Editor's Note: If you live outside of North America please see the note at the bottom of this post. I'm away from my computer today so I've agreed to let this guy "Cleng Kneb" do a guest post. I can not be held responsible for anything he may do or say!)

Allow my to introduce myself. I, Cleng Kneb, am a patriot and a thinker. I care about this grid of ours and I care that there are those elements trying to subvert the Founder's wishes and introduce their liberal agenda into what is, and always shall remain, our world.

I have been paying attention people and what I see is not pretty. Allow me to use this conveniently placed blackboard to illustrate what should be obvious to all clear thinking residents.

The first step for those who try to undermine our way of life is always to have us start fighting amongst ourselves. That way we are too busy to notice their machinations. They have succeeded in starting a grid-wide civil war between the bunnies and the ponies. Have you noticed that nobody is even talking about the poor chickens? Wake up people! They're trying to tear us apart!

Is it just me or has anybody else noted that the new CEO is from England? That's right - England - socialism with an accent.

This new hire has arrived just when those techno communists have increased their demands for "open everything". Oh I know they conceal their intent with technical mumbo jumbo but what they're really talking about is our border people! Think about that - our only defense against the dark clouds that hover around outside just waiting to contaminate our upstanding citizens with their filth.

And do you believe a socialist CEO is going to fight the good fight against them?

The inconvenient truth that the liberal mafia doesn't want you to know is that the prime objective - their ultimate aim - is globalization. Yes globalization - I get sick just thinking about it. Our prim babies will be required to suck on organic formula. We'll be herded into relaxation camps and forced to listen to Enya.

The next step will be the annexation of our grid by the United Nations and our amalgamation with the wider metaverse. Am I the only one concerned about our future?

Remember, I couldn't say these things if they weren't true.




Explanatory Note for those readers outside of North America: I'm satirizing a political commentator who is well known for absurd and hate filled speech. I hope you are never required to endure his rants.


Unknown said...

Mind blowing. Still digging through the layers of satire to get to the message...may never arrive! heheh

Chimera Cosmos

Honour McMillan said...

I don't think there is one - apart from being annoyed with a real life commentator and finding this outlet to vent that is. :)

Brinda said...

Honour, I know who this satire is about. His latest rant is totally unbelieveable. Yes, in the USA we are not allowed to yell fire in a crowed theater (unless there is a fire. But at some point one would think that he would come to his senses....unless he truly believes that stuff. [nah... even he's not that crazy...is he?)

Honour McMillan said...

Brinda I try to believe it's his way of cynically exploiting his audiences' fears in order to earn himself fame and big bucks.

Honour McMillan said...

I say that because the idea that he really does believe the garbage he spouts would be even scarier.

Dale Innis said...

Not Enya!!

Honour McMillan said...



AlexHayden Junibalya said...

The person concerned did come to our attention in the UK last Summer...opinion was divided on him. We couldn't make our minds up whether he is..

A. A cynical manipulator playing on people's emotions for his own gain.

B. A true believer of everything he says..in which case he would, as we would politely say over here, not be playing with a full deck of cards.

C. A Comedian, probably off Saturday Night Live or Comedy Central, and that the whole thing was a massive parody of the political class system. To be honest this opinion only sprang up due to the attention our media was giving the Commedienne from Alaska at the time...

Brinda said...

@AlexHayden... A and B.

[funny... the word verification is 'unite'] =^..^=

Chestnut Rau said...

You know who else knew the truth about Second Life? Hitler. Yep. Its true.

Anonymous said...

Makes me wonder what a virtual equivalent of a Tea Party would call themselves... The Grey Goo Party?

Lelani Carver said...

I believe that "@StopClengKneb" is available on the Twitter.

Also, kind of Mr Kneb to remind us that it's Bewbie Wednesday with his timely graphic.

Multiple choice answer: D. Assclown

Mistletoe, let's have a Goo Party later.