Sunday, January 9, 2011

Where I would use Kinect in Second Life

I talked yesterday about problems I forsee in using Kinect for Second Life and, yes, I was dismissive. I did that to make the point that as a device for everyday use by most residents inworld I don't think it's practical. I am, however, not totally unreasonable. I do think there could be some really cool ways to use the full motion control technology on the grid. A few examples:

  • Filming with Cameras NomadofNorad pointed out that the technology would be useful for Machinima and I agree that natural animations would enhance the medium enormously. To that I would add inworld television production - Pooky Amsterdam and Paisley Beebe would leap on that I think.
  • Live Performers How cool would it be if Von Johin was using Kinect during his performances? We'd know if he ever opened his eyes and we could watch Grace McDonnagh and Skye Galaxy play their keyboards. It wouldn't even have to be live music - I think DJ's would be able to take advantage and "perform". Presentations and lectures would also be improved if the speakers used Kinect.
  • Exercise Pooky mentioned exercise classes to me - and that would work tremendously well. Joining with a group of friends from around the world and motivating each other during class. Even using exercise equipment in your home would be more fun - who doesn't want to watch Ahuva on her rowing machine? Or have a group of friends using their treadmills to form a hiking club in SL - much more interesting to explore the mainland as a group.

So yes, I think "events" involving physical activity could be enhanced by the use of Kinect - assuming physical interaction between avatars wasn't required unless they share the same space in the physical world. I still can't imagine dancing with a partner who was half a world away - there'd be no spinning or lifting or dipping.

None if this is to say that somebody couldn't use Kinect for everyday use inworld - I just don't think it would make everyday activities (like building) easier or better. But for things like live performances it would, gulp, be revolutionary. :)

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