Sunday, January 2, 2011

It's a New Year in Second Life

My first venture out this New Year was to the new example of Japanese Surrealism that is the Barbee sim. Let me state now that I didn't play with windlight or shadows when taking these photos (although I did change the angle of the sun in the first) - I wanted you to see how it will look when you go visit. Breathtaking! Tiny little alleyways full of surprises. There is a shop in there somewhere but I was too distracted by random doorways and I'll have to go back later to see what's on offer. :)

It's a new year and Linden Lab has a new CEO. There has been lots of speculation about the positive or negative aspects of this announcement - I figure he hasn't cleared customs yet and still has at least one TSA pat down ahead of him. I'll reserve judgement.

I'd like to welcome the teens arriving on the main grid (not that any of them will see this but the intent is sincere). We don't all fear you or consider you a "plague". Let me know if there's anything I can ever do to assist with your transition - I seem to be mostly just wandering around these days so I have time. :)

Speaking of my time - I really need to define some inworld goals for the year. I need to pick one or two projects and just focus on them. Having witnessed a truly bizarre griefing a few months ago I'd love to learn how to defend against/combat the new stuff they're coming up with. Those skills are going to become more and more useful (in a totally legal way of course).

I'm looking forward to 2011 - assuming we survive past May it should be anything but boring.

Happy New Year to you all!

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