Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It's not procrastination, it's avoidance.

I'm getting all the lower priority items on my list done. Quite productive in fact. However, I have not finished scripting the sleds.

The sleds work fine - in fact both versions do. So the big one will be at sea level and the smaller one will be up here on top of the mountain.

The problem is that I will wind up with sleds littering the island because people will finish what they're doing and tp out. I know that. So I need to add the bits of script that will delete the sled after a certain time. I can see the bits of script I need - I just can't get them integrated into the existing stuff. In fact, I'm so tired of syntax errors I've started creating new and exotic swear words incorporating the various syllables in that phrase. Hasn't made it work though.

If you happen to see somebody who actually knows how this scripting stuff works - tell them I'll give them a nursery full of plants if they'll put these %#)&$)@^)#* pieces of script into my sleds. Please?

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