Friday, December 19, 2008

/me Does a little dance!

I'm no AM Radio, and I'm certainly not as talented as those responsible for the Greenies, but LL have selected Aintree Willow to be included in the Winterfaire Tour. Yay!!

I'm not saying it's as beautiful as Wintermute or as cute as Winter on Raglan Shire but it's mine and I'm hoping people will have fun with it. :) One of the reasons I'm so pleased is that it's the first time I've actually been included in a community event. I've applied for many things but, prior to this, I couldn't even get accepted as a volunteer. Starts to wear on a person.

One of the results I was hoping for was that people would wander around the other islands as well - and they are. Somebody was playing chess on Oak and they found the hidden pose balls on the Common.

The only glitch I've discovered so far is in the sled script. It rezzes a new sled even if the person hasn't moved the old one - which causes the person to ride up in the air, or sideways, or flip as the new sled bumps them. Once that has happened the sled won't work for anybody else either until I reset the script. So I've tried changing the sign and adjusting the rezz time - but I'll still go around a few times a day and check on things.

It's a good day in SecondLife. :)


Anonymous said...

YAY!!!!!!! Congratulations! That is wonderful and well-deserved. Your sled ride is FUN!

Honour McMillan said...

thank you :)

Joonie said...

Congrats Honour! I stopped by a few times while you were building it but haven't been back since completion. I will have to see it this weekend! :)

Dale Innis said...

Woot congratulations!

(And I'd be glad to fix the sled script; right now it always rezzes a new one some fixed amount of time after someone sits on the old one; we can make it keep waiting if the old one's still nearby, without too much trouble, I think...)

Honour McMillan said...

Thank you Joonie - I hope you enjoy it.

Thank you Dale! It wouldn't have been possible without your help - and I'd love to tweak the script. I've tried new signs which seem to help but I'm getting a lot of brand new avatars (could be alts I guess) so making it newbie proof would be a help. :)

Honour McMillan said...
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Honour McMillan said...

I was trying to say that the multiple uses of the word "help" was appropriate given the amount of assistance I received. :)