Sunday, December 7, 2008

iTunes on SL

If you haven't been following what Crap is doing about music downloads (and why haven't you?) you need to check it out. The original idea was to encourage people who got iTunes gift cards to use them to download music by SL artists. It has expanded now to include Amazon. You can find out more information where ever you see these posters (this one is on Aintree Common) and by visiting the Clocktower on Edloe where you will see a gallery of album covers belonging to SL musicians available on iTunes. There is a link from there to a gallery of artists available through Amazon.

Help support SL musicians and if you know an artist who should be included in the gallery contact them and tell them to get in touch with Crap Mariner.

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R. said...

Yay tytytytyty -ls/cm