Monday, December 29, 2008

Someday I'll laugh about this .........

I was doing my morning rounds and found a weird wooden structure on the ice rink. (forgot to take a picture again) Inside was this young lady - that's a white fur something on her neck. Seems well dressed, less than 2 months old - I explained gently that this is not where she should practice building. She then argued with me (what?) and started showing me that of course she could.

First I would return her items to her. I tried really hard to be supportive and give her some advice etc, cause I really don't want to have to ban people all the time. She argued some more and kept rezzing. I tried freezing her but nothing happened. (is there a trick?)

All of this started to remind me of another instance where I learned to have some weapons on hand. I tried banning her but nothing happened (?). So I pulled out something from my armoury and tried orbiting her but it didn't work (sigh). Finally I used a cage.

That worked. It also really pissed her off. So she tp'ed somewhere else, came back (cause the ban still wasn't working) and started caging/shooting at me. I gave up, ar'd her and tp'd to the top of the mountain. At which point the ban seems to have kicked in. So she's gone.

I'm really hoping the laws of natural selection will kick in where she's concerned. I'm also hoping they fix whatever it is that kept the "ban" from working for almost 15 minutes.

I'm going to go make myself some waffles. :)


Jeff said...

Makes you wonder what really goes on when you're not there, huh?

Did you have the safety turned on with your orbiting weapon?? hehe

Do I need to come over there to help you practice? (I get tired of letting Alex orbit me all over the map under the guise of 'for informational purposes only' - about time some other people had a chance to pummel me out of sight.) ;-)

Honour McMillan said...

Safety? damn I better go read the stupid manual again

Target practice. Really? You are so good to me!

Dale Innis said...

Some people! Sheesh.

Odd the banning didn't work! Somewhere in the right-click pie menus on her there were probably "Eject" and "Teleport home" choices, which would (one hopes!) have had an immediate, if perhaps not lasting, effect.

Honour McMillan said...

part of my frustration (didn't want to burden the reader with everything we went through) was that freeze, tp home, ban, orbit and everything else in my estate god tools did not work. Orbit in one of my tools didn't work. The mysti tool thing where you bump them around worked and the cage function in one of my weapons. She didn't like either of them. :)