Sunday, December 7, 2008

Nancy Drew is on the case!

Seriously! You thought it was just CSI New York and The Office? SecondLife is now under a professional microscope.

I recently took early retirement and found a part time job at a book store (yes, I get to talk books all day, work a few blocks from home, no makeup, no pantyhose and no long commute - life is good). Yesterday I was putting out some new books and saw the cover of Secret Identity Book One in the Identity Mystery Trilogy (Nancy Drew (All New) Girl Detective). I didn't realize this til I started working at the store - but Nancy Drew has been/is being rewritten for different age groups with different modern stories. (Yes the Hardy Boys are back as well but for now let's talk about Nancy.)

Out of curiousity I try and look at the dust jackets of new books so I can keep up with what's happening - particularly the books for 9-12 yr olds and teens because they're all new to me. The back of this book reads as follows:

Everyone knows about the online group BetterLife. But what starts out as a fun virtual reality site turns into a living nightmare for Bess's twelve-year-old sister and her friends when one of them becomes a target of cyberbullying!
I create my own BetterLife profile to investigate how the program works and find out who could be targeting the girl and why. But nothing online is what it seems -- everyone is hiding behind their virtual identities. It's almost impossible to track down who is behind anything!
Is this a simple case of middle school girls being mean to each other, or could it be something scarier? It's up to my friends and me to do some cyberdigging and unmask the secret identities of the BetterLife bullies!

And it's a trilogy no less. Nancy Drew and friends as avatars - I can hardly wait. :)

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