Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ham Rambler's Independence Party for ex-Lindens

There was a Goodbye/Thankyou party for ex and soon-to-be ex Lindens thrown by the fabulous Ham Rambler today. I saw a peak attendance of 73 while I was there and in addition to fantastic music there was lots of lag and some crashing/rezzing issues which, you know, means it was a great party!

I don't know how many current or ex Lindens attended because some may have chosen not to "out" themselves in alt form. In addition it was almost impossible to cam around, so unless somebody chatted I didn't know they were there. :) Others, like the ex Pathfinder Linden, did reveal their identities and it was nice to be able to acknowledge them and the work they've done.

The Brighton contingent is not entirely "dead" yet - and some of them attended in zombie form (that's Babbage and Byron below).

There were some voices pleading for bears before they become unavailable and a few were placed on the dance floor to acquire. In addition, a 'memorial' sculpture was available for those who wished. (That's Babbage's bear on the left and Aimee's on the right.)

This was not a somber miserable party. Oh a few shots were taken but mostly it was fun, funny, supportive and loving. Ham's musical selections were great and he managed to inject humour into the sound track. The following is a youtube version of one of the songs he played and it had me in stitches so I thought I'd share.

Thank you to those who have left and the best of luck to those who remain. Today reminded me of the great community that is Second Life and I am very grateful.

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