Sunday, June 27, 2010

SL7B - Helping Others

Today is the last day of events at SL7B but again, the exhibits will be open for another week. Today's theme represents one of the things I love about SL and that's the fact that residents don't forget to reach out and help others through support/fundraising/awareness and/or education about real life issues.

I won't pick an Exhibit of the Day today because these are all worthwhile endeavours and deserve your attention. I've already mentioned SecondAbility Mentor but I'll show you the other "helping" exhibits I've found. I apologize if I missed anybody!

The first is certainly well known in Second Life and that is the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life (note the hunt I mentioned yesterday).

Alcoholics Anonymous has a very strong and supportive presence in Second Life.

The Boomer Esiason Foundation and the CF University receive support from Novartis and community members.

No known cause and no cure yet for ALS which has cost me a friend in RL. They're reaching out in Second Life too.

The Wounded Warriors project uses SL in significant ways and the US Military Veterans' Center has a number of initiatives underway.

The Glade Cafe is the center of the Multiple Sclerosis Help and Support Group.

One more note, I could swear I saw an exhibit by Operation Squeegee but couldn't find it again (arghh) however they will be officially underway July 1 and I'll pass on the information before then. (update: you can find information on Operation Squeegee at SL7B here)

If you want to help or need help or just want some information go visit these exhibits and see what's going on. They help make us one community. :)

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