Monday, June 21, 2010

Simplifying My SLife

I spent some time thinking and pondering and mulling and decided to do a little editing of my Second Life. The biggest change will be downsizing: Crap is going to adopt my island and Piper Point will be born! It's taking a while for the Lindens working on transfer tickets to get the adoption papers finalized but, in the meantime, the Piper Point denizens have defacto ownership and are busy building.

I have a lot of cleanup tasks still to do (changing slurls and lm's, modifying the three satellite stores, putting a lot more stuff up on XStreet etc.) but I plan to take the time to enjoy SL7B and I'll share those adventures with you.

Longer term? I've had an idea for a community project bubbling in the back of this old brain for more than a year now. I figure if it has the stamina to annoy me for that long then it deserves some attention so I'm going to do some exploratory work and see if it has "legs". A year from now I might be kicking myself for the stupidity of the whole thing but I think, if it works, it could be something to be proud of. I'll keep you posted. :)


R. said...

Got a question... what's with the glowing green sludge leaking out of these barrels we dug up last night?

I say it tastes like mint, but Jane and Shini think it tastes like basil.


Honour McMillan said...'s nothing to worry about. Really! Unless you lose your toe nails. If that happens I'd suggest you seek medical attention asap.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy SL7B, and I might bump in to you while you're there!

Honour McMillan said...

Gany - yay! I'll try and get a photo of you to include in my adventure tales. :)