Tuesday, June 22, 2010

SL7B - A Tour of the "Sacred"

I try to group my journeys through SLB's and Burning Life into some sort of theme for posting purposes. It makes the results a little less disjointed.....I hope. Once I've chosen the theme, I then seek out exhibits that would naturally be included which means I fly around a lot and see things I wouldn't otherwise come across (and gather more ideas for themes and lm's for future posts). Today's theme was suggested by the DJ Stage - which looks less like a stage location to me than a futuristic religious building of sorts. So a search was on for something we seem to like a lot in Second Life......temples.

This build is the Temple of the Plywood Apple and commemorates the introduction of sculpties on May 20, 2007. It's very well done and the group "Starbase Alpha" which created it deserves a lot of credit for the design and execution.

I met Damian Firecaster at the Temple who was representing the group and convinced me to go visit and see the "best starships in SL". I've put that on my list of things to do. :)

The Mermaid Temple has some great sculpties as well and the Mer-folk are named in the exhibit which is a nice way to give a sense of the feeling of community they must have.

The Sentinel Mountains is a group of sims I'm not familiar with - but their Temple of Luna is a nice build and they have a really cool free gift.

I met Faolan Valerian there and, although she didn't mention it, Sentinel Mountains is in her picks so I probably should have asked for more information on their work. They have more than one exhibit in the area so check them all out.

Every now and then at SLB or Burning Life I see something that thrills me and I'm not always able to articulate why. Behind a copy of an article entitle The Sacred Geometries of Wizard Gynoid is the Flowering of Life. This is my choice for Exhibit of the Day - if you see nothing else today at SL7B, please go spend some time here.

I'm going to share the notecard that accompanies the exhibit - it will explain things better than I can. What I will tell you is that standing and watching the transformations unfold is mesmerizing.

The Flowering of Life

This exhibit is an impromptu and unexpected collaboration between Wizard Gynoid and Polagirus Paragorn. As such it dovetails nicely with the theme of SL7B. (Desdemona Enfield helped out too.)

The "Flower of Life" is thought by some to be a good example of New Age Fringe Theory. Others believe that is central to an ancient discipline called Sacred Geometry.

The Flower of Life is said to be very ancient. Examples of its construction are found on Babylonian and Egyptian temples. The construction of the Flower of Life leads to the Isometric Grid and Hexagonal polyhedra, like the two-dimensional Star of David and the three-dimensional Merkabah.

We show here that ultimately the Flower of Life leads to higher levels of complexity which can culminate in the object commonly called the cubeoctahedron.

Buckminster Fuller held this object in very high regard, calling it the Vector Equilibrium.

In Sacred Geometry, the "Seed of Life" is formed from seven circles being placed with sixfold symmetry, forming a pattern of circles and lenses, which act as a basic component of the Flower of Life's design. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flower_of_Life

Idle notes:

  • Blogger and Safari really don't get along very well but I keep trying to convince them to work together. If/when you see things that are messed up it just means I've failed. Again.
  • I often look at posts and think "Why am I publishing this?" Bevan convinced me today that even the stuff I think is a waste of time proves useful on occasion to somebody else. Thank you Bevan. The rest of you are stuck with me now. :)

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