Wednesday, June 23, 2010

SL7B - Interactive

Today's theme is "interaction". This is certainly not a exhaustive list of interactive exhibits at SL7B - but it includes some things I found that I think you should check out. I start with the Tram System that will take you on a 55 minute tour of all of the SL7B Sims. Just look for the bobbing blue arrow (you'll find one close to wherever you are on the site) and rez a tram. It's a good way to get an overview of everything that's available.

This next photo probably looks like some interesting intricate piece of art - and it is. It's also the underside of a giant skirt.

Eshi Otawara fell in love with M Linden's doodles at the UWA Show and worked with him to create a Doodle Lace Dress which you can wear. If you're not familiar with Eshi's work (and even if you are) you'll really want to try this on.

The AKK Horse Ranch Annex will give you a demo horse for your very own to use and enjoy. I love horses!

Caro Fayray has created the exhibit Organic Machines and I had a lot of trouble pulling myself away - which had a lot to do with the blues she plays on the top level.

I don't want to spoil it by revealing too much here, but I will tell you she has the coolest transport mechanisms I've seen yet. Her "brief" description of the build is as follows: "Collaboration between man/machine/nature/organics with interaction from the visitor." Turn your sound on (unless you're sqeamish and maybe even then) and yes, there's room for dancing to the blues on the roof.

My friend Raul Crimson has built "Identity Crisis?" and it deserves your attention. While you play the old game of changing somebody's appearance ask yourself what it says about you if you see the person differently because of the result of your actions.

His "Changing Noobs" is fun.....just watch it for a while and see what happens. :)

Raul wasn't there when I visited but he's pretty - so I'm including a photo for your enjoyment (that's Ganymedes Costagravas in white).

As much as I enjoyed all of the builds in this post, my pick for Exhibit of the Day goes to the SecondAbility Mentor Unexpected Collaborations Experiment.

I have a personal connection I guess - in RL I spent 10 years walking with a cane (and great difficulty) because of rheumatism and arthritis - except in my case it turned out to be food allergies. So I was curious about their build.

Their notecard explains:

Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to begin by:

* Locating someone on your radar (preferrably someone you don't know) OR

* Explore on the SL7B sims and find someone to participate with you (again someone preferrably that you don't know)

Each of you sit on one of the two cupcake flowers to the left of the Unexpected Collaboration Experiment sign where you will receive a notecard for the next step.

Primary objective: Collaborate and have fun!

Now that's just cool - and although you could do it with somebody you know, it'd be much more fun meeting somebody new. :) I heartily recommend you visit all of these exhibits - and explore SL7B. I'm having a blast!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my exhibit!!! <3 And glad you liked it.

Honour McMillan said...

I loved it! Thank you for building it :)