Thursday, June 24, 2010

SL7B - SLathletics

I'll reveal a little secret here...I was planning to include the SL sailing community in this themed post. However, I couldn't find any representation from them at SL7B. I refuse to speculate on their motives but I will say I'm disappointed for a number of reasons. I also wanted to find some information on the new football league. They don't seem to have participated either. Ah well.... (mind you if I'm wrong and either of these communities are represented at SL7B please let me know and I'll pass on the information).

SL isn't all shopping and dancing and shopping. :) You can get involved in various activities as well and sporting endeavours are certainly available. If you go to Golf you'll find information on just some of the great courses around Second Life and it's fun (frustrating but fun).

Martial Arts are popular in Second Life and they're represented at the event. The ImperiuM Dojo has an exhibit (and really nice people there to chat with). If you ever wanted to learn how to use the katana - these are the folks who can help.

I told you yesterday that you can get your own demo horse at Sl7B. Go to this exhibit to find out some of the horse-related activities you can join. The Horse Events Group includes Sea Horse Races (and you can get free sea horses at their site), Barrel Racing, Bronco Riding, Pony Polo and more!

I live in Canada and it's all hockey all the time. Why should SL be any different? For information on the Global Online Hockey Association go check out their exhibit.

My nomination for Exhibit of the Day is an old favourite of mine. The Giant Snail Racing organization is well run (from what I can tell) and seem to work hard to improve the "sport".

Their exhibit is fun and well built and you can get a free mini snail with your own flag on it. Well worth checking out. If you've never seen a Giant Snail Race you owe it to yourself to go.


Anonymous said...

I'm keeping last years snail, this years doesnt offer my flag, but I agree they're one of the most fun plots in their sim

Honour McMillan said...

they don't have your flag? How dare they not include Belgium? We should figure out a way to fix that.