Friday, June 25, 2010

SL7B Whimsy Wonder and Weird (part 1)

SL7B is full of fun - in fact I love too many of the fun bits to do it in one post. So more in this category will follow. The first today is Capricious by windyy Lane. This is a beautifully designed and executed piece with a twist.

Combine umbrellas (which you get as a gift) and poses and you have pure whimsy. You can stack multiple friends on top of yourself with varying poses for a truly magical moment.

Bodied Words gives you and your friends the chance to spell out a message with your avatars. You acquire the letter shape and then (if you are willing) send a photo of your message to pallina60 Loon.

The instructions are thorough. :)

I thought Typote Beck's installation was cute and since it's close to the first two it's well worth checking out. Studio Egg is a nice addition to SL7B.

One of the most complex/intricate builds I've seen at SL7B is Reaching Through The Barrier - the SL7B Ball Machine. I loved watching the balls move through the machine - very clever.

These two seem forever separated - maybe if they tried sitting on one of the balls they could finally meet?

My pick for Exhibit of the Day is very unassuming. In fact I only went into Ye Olde Planetarium because I could see a free motorcycle (only usable at SL7b, sorry) and I have a friend with a thing for them. However, I climbed the circular staircase in the center and found magic.

There is a planetarium up above with the usual kind of seating - but it also has two animated pose balls which allow you to float around inside and control your movements. I love SL. :)


pallina60 Loon said...

Thank you for your quotation Honour :-)

Honour McMillan said...

My pleasure - it's a great build!

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for including The SL7B Ball Machine in your list. The two characters inside would seem to be forever separated, but they are actually working together in spite of whatever barriers would usually separate them. The robot character is even Reaching Through The Barrier to give the mole character a gift.

Honour McMillan said...

Thank you Argos :) I'm relieved that my interpretation was incorrect :) And thank you for a wonderful build!