Saturday, June 26, 2010

SL7B - Whimsy Wonder and Weird (part 2)

The bad news is that tomorrow will be the last day for events at SL7B...the good news is that the exhibits will be open for another week so you have lots of time to go visit. I'll try and post more interesting sites in the days ahead. But today we'll conclude the Whimsy tour.

You may have heard of the developments in technology which will allow us to control our avatars with our brain waves. Well The Information Age, Inc. is working on that and has a free Computer Interface Headset just for you!

Apparently they didn't have bird avatars in mind when they were thinking of Brain Computer Science. I don't know if they work but my neighbours started doing some strange things so I quickly took them off and started knitting with an innocent insouciance.

The Planet Earth: Bat Cave is really cool. I'd show you some photos from inside it..... but it's dark. It's a bat cave.

If you're at all intrigued with sound you have to visit FreeWee Ling: Resonance. There are a couple of fun interactive sound creators on the ground and a full sound installation up above. This wasn't designed for a bird either - I could hear some melodic chimes but mostly I seemed to have recreated the sound of thousands of vuvuzelas. I think I might be spending too much time watching World Cup. :)

This next exhibit really requires V2 - it's not the only one at Sl7B which relies on that functionality but it's the only one so far that made me want to relog and change viewers. It has a really neat free avatar gift and a gorgeous metal being in the middle.

Go visit the TeleOctoscope by L1Aura Loire and Maya Paris!

My choice for Exhibit of the Day is Voices - Aequitas. Imagine a forest of semi transparent objects and imagine wandering through that forest. As you pass by one of the "trees" a voice of an SL resident speaks to you.

Let me share just a bit from the accompanying notecard:

After months of research and brainstorming, an idea developed to collect voices from SLers and create a forest or field of sound to explore. The collaboration went far beyond the initial group of artists working on the project to encompass at least 200 people willing to share a small part of themselves by contributing a 10 second sound byte of their voice. The collaboration grew to include the 6000 visitors that explored the field, because without the visitors to hear the voices, it wouldn't be much of a project.

We wish we could bring the magnitude of the entire project to the SLB7 celebration, but unfortunately, there isn't the space, nor the prims. So we offer a small taste of the experience as our example of an unexpected collaboration.

If you do nothing else at SL7B...go experience the Voices project. You won't regret it!

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Sowa Mai's dog said...

thank you so much for noticing
If you would like to contribute your voice to future incarnations call Sowa Mai in world and leave a 10 second message