Friday, November 21, 2008

Four Seasons?

Was talking with Wrath last night - always enjoyable. But the man has no shame when it comes to "giving me suggestions" about things I could do. They always involve a lot of work and unfortunately they always appeal to me. As a result of this conversation I'm considering making the last of the Open Spaces (or homesteads) a seasonal landscape. It will have an obviously Northern Hemispheric bias - but that's to be expected. I'm pondering and I'll putter - but it's likely. :)


Jeff said...

Wow. Does my bad influence have no bounds??! hehe

Cool. :-)

Anonymous said...

Wrath is evil, incarnate... plain and simple.. don't be fooled

Honour McMillan said...

Why is it we know we shouldn't follow them - and yet we do it anyway.