Thursday, November 13, 2008

A roof with a view!

I've spent the past two days chasing know the ones that hide in the details? Mind numbing but worthwhile.

Today I indulged myself. I've been thinking that it's unfortunate that the roof of the castle is not accessible (apart from flying of course) so today I went and got one of Kheph777 Enoch's steam lifts and played around for a while. I had to set it up so it arrived at the right height but metres away from the edge of the roof - so I put in a metal sky walk to meet it. Now you can get to the roof from the back yard. :)

I have to start putting plants and flowers on the decks - will make it look lived in. Unfortunately I have to keep it locked up all the time - I keep arriving to find strangers wandering around inside. Maybe I should just post a big sign with a link to Alex Bader's demo castle. Then maybe they wouldn't come in uninvited.

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