Monday, November 17, 2008

Sick Age Play, part two

It's a little ironic that there won't be a picture with this post - since it is mostly concerned with pictures. Don't read any further if you don't want more information on what I saw this morning or if you don't want to be offended! Seriously! I'm going to be as tactfully graphic as I can, but I want to provide some background to a decision I made.

I haven't been able to get what happened this morning out of my head. More accurately - I haven't been able to get what I saw this morning out of my head. One of the groups this av had in her profile has a manga picture of two young girls - one has her panties around her knees and her bum exposed. The other has no panties and her pubic area just peeks out from under her little dress. The charter for this group reads:

(this group its only for adult RP)
Group created for these young girls who can do anything for her daddy.
dont caring if others say thats its wrong.
you know daddy its always right.
he is your daddy and never lie you right?
and Daddies who know his girls are obedients and little dumb and know how take advantage of that using or abusing his young girl

"qualities"tags: Smart daddy, Dumb girl, Daddy,s toy,

If that description really bothered you - don't read the next one.

The same person who created this group has another one with a real life photo on it. The girl in the photo looks underage - she has no body hair except for the curly blonde locks on her head. Breast buds only. We know she's a girl cause that critical part of the anatomy is facing up in the photo. But that's not the part of her body being penetrated by what is obviously a full grown man. Her head is down near the ground - where her mouth is occupied by another full grown man. There are other bodies in the photo but the focus is definitely on her.

This is the rl photo on the main page of an sl group.

I really, honestly, truly believe that LL wants this garbage gone. Not just because it's offensive and not just because there are real life victims - but also because of the legal implications. On top of that is the pr nightmare if we get stories about this on top of the divorce ones. Secondlife and sordid will be synonymous. The rest of us will never be able to convince our loved ones that we're innocent.

I also believe that LL doesn't have the resources to tackle all of its priorities at the same time. Inappropriate age play (nice euphemism there) isn't something LL will be able to pro-actively root out and trash. At least not on their own.

Remember Hilary's "it takes a village"? Well communities have responsibilities too. And as members of communities so do we.

I can't just go away and be bothered by this. I have resolved to try and do something about it. So I will create an av whose primary role will be to detect this garbage - and based on a little work this morning that's not hard. The av will then submit abuse reports. I will use the system but I won't sit back and wait for the system to do it all on its own. And I will feel like maybe I'm doing something positive in regard to something really really ugly.

And yes maybe I'm fooling myself - but sometimes you just have to feel like you tried. You know?

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Cristopher Lefavre said...

/me applauds rather shaken and deeply disturbed.

If a lot of us bloggers went for these (self-censored) so-called people, AR-ing on sight, we could make a difference.

Thanks for caring and letting us know, Honour.