Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Full day .....

It's ironic, or kharma, that they announce the 750 prim limit for open spaces on the day I start planting the Parterre. These are not low prim beds. So I guess - since I really like my prims, I'll be Homesteading. Even the forest on Aintree Common is more than 750 prims.

While I was working on the fountain etc. those ghost people I mentioned kept showing up on my radar. Since there is also a limit to the number of av's you can have concurrently on these islands, it seems unfair for these ghosts to be using my land - uninvited, unexplained and unwanted. I have a list of 15 of them who appear regularly. They might be bots I guess - whatever that means. I mean I know it's not the Crap Mariner type of "bot" - but I don't know what their purpose is or why they spend any time on my island. It became more and more annoying as they came and went so I finally banned them all.......dusted off my hands, logged off and now to bed. :)

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