Saturday, November 15, 2008

More ghosts!!!!

I admit that I'm tired and not a little cranky tonight. But I've had it with these ghosts! I banned 15 of them not too long ago and I'm getting more. Another 9 of them today alone. I don't get it. Is this one of those things everybody else understands and I'm just too thick to figure out? What is the point of them appearing (although not rezzing) on my land? They stay for 10 to 20 minutes and then leave. They come back 5 or 6 times a week - sometimes in pairs, sometimes by themselves. They never rezz - you can't communicate with them.

Is there a ghost wrangler out there sending them to my place and then assigning them locations from there? Is there a way to identify who owns these things? I'm starting to think I have to figure out a way to ban anybody without a pic in their profile. This is just silly.

OK. Rant over. :)


nikadreamscape said...

Are you sure they aren't customers, trying to shop? :D

Honour McMillan said...

I wondered that :) - but no, after a few weeks it was obvious they weren't. Also it's always the same island and there's nothing for sale there. For the first few weeks there was nothing on the island at all.
They all have similar birthdates - about 18 months ago. Their profiles are empty, no payment info and there are no pictures.
I've tried sending them im's and there is no response.
It's weird frankly. :)

Cristopher Lefavre said...

Honour, them being ghosts is consistent with the default behaviour in the common script for 'how to make a bot'. You have to add a line of code to get the appearance loading. Also, them having the same birthday and appearing at the same place probably means someone owns them all and for some reason uses your land as their home point. Are there previous owners who may at some point in time been able to set the home point for their bots?

Guess the best is just to ban them on sight. There is probably not an eldless supply, and if the bot owner don't stalk you on purpose he does not care where they land.

There are a number of tasks you need a bot to perform to get it automated, like collecting lists of land for sale, and it may well be that's what they are there for.

Good luck bothunting - remember shoot on sight:-)

Honour McMillan said...

lol Thank you Cristopher - and thank you for the information. I'm going to start picturing them as ghosts with red targets painted on them. :)

This is a new island so I guess the owner thought it would be a nice place to set their home point. :(