Monday, November 17, 2008

Sick age play in SecondLIfe

I had just arrived in SL this morning - in my little den, when another av appeared in front of me. She landed just in front of that cabinet. I'm about 6 feet tall (because I want to be, thank you) - she wasn't as tall as the cabinet. Barely came waist high on me. And yes she was definitely a child avatar. I should have taken a picture but I was so surprised that she tp'd into my home I didn't. I pointed out that it's my home and she left.

There's no picture in her profile (for obvious reasons) but some of her groups include; Daddy,s Dumb lil girl (sic) and Young, Tight & Wet. I should mention I guess that the titles of her groups weren't meant to be funny, ironic or anything but truly reflective of the purpose of those groups. The charters and photos made that perfectly clear.

And yes I filed an abuse report. I thought these days the worst I'd have to fear from child avatars was "baby talk". And I hate baby talk with a passion. Now I'll have the memory of her and her groups to deal with.

I didn't do a separate abuse report for the groups - I figure just looking at the pic on at least one of them will be enough to get it trashed.


Update: I don't know what the process is exactly, so I went back and did a separate abuse report for her groups.

double blech

Update 2: I started looking at the profiles of the people who created those groups. Found one guy with many groups and their photos are from real life. If the girls in them aren't underage he certainly wants you to think they are. There are some truly sick people in all worlds. More abuse reports filed.

My dog needs a walk and I need fresh air.

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Anonymous said...

truly disturbing. I try to understand the baby talk, reliving your childhood thing, but what you have described is intolerable in any world