Saturday, November 29, 2008

Personalized Koinup Widget

I'm sure everybody else but me already knew this - but just in case there are one or two of you in the dark - let me talk about the Koinup widget.

Koinup is a site for pictures, machinima etc. but is devoted to the metaverse. (I'll let you do your own exploration to discover the origin of the name Koinup.) All of the works uploaded by members are from virtual worlds. This makes it interesting from a number of perspectives - not just because you can see things from worlds other than your own. There is a group of pics being gathered at the moment to commemorate Lively - and they have given me something of the flavour of the place.

I find Koinup really easy to use and I like the feeling of community there. I'm a little intimidated by the works of the other members - there are a lot of pictures with far more "artistic" flair than mine. But I'm learning. :)

One of the neat features I've discovered appears on the right of this blog - a Koinup widget with your pics in it. I uploaded pictures of all of the open Aintree islands, added the right tags and then created a widget for one of the tags. cool! It's more than possible that this function is available on Flickr but I never realized it. Again, I find Koinup really easy to use so this took no time at all.

Even if you don't want to join Koinup - you should really go look at the works that people have put on the site. There are some very talented photographers in the metaverse and this is a good place to see a lot of their art. :)

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