Friday, November 21, 2008

Really - I thought it was me!

Update: Something was seriously wrong with the photo I used - even I couldn't load this page. So it's gone.

I don't know if it's a sign of arrogance or one of complete insecurity - but when I kept crashing out of SL this morning I was sure it was my fault. I would look at the crash report screen and say "What? Are you kidding me?" like that would help. Then I would login again - and crash again. Sometimes I would move around first before I crashed, then I started crashing during the login.

I upgraded the driver for my graphics card yesterday so that must be the problem, right? I uninstalled all the drivers for the card and downloaded a new one. Unfortunately I also uninstalled my profile and I've spend the past hour or so fiddling with resolutions etc.

Then I tried logging on to SL - and crashed. I'm running out of bandaids.

There's nothing at this point about it on the blog so I still think it must be my fault. More tweaking.

Then I tried the older candidate I have loaded and "ta da" I arrive in SL. Not only do I arrive but I can move around and tp and no crashing.

So I take a pic of me on my balcony to prove I was there - didn't have a newspaper or anything to establish timeline but I figured you'd take my word for it.

I come into Blogger to write a brief self deprecating post and go to fetch the pic. I get a message from Blogger that "there's been a problem uploading the photo". I get that message 5 times. "What?" I reply, "Are you kidding me?".

More tweaking. I finally just said something really rude in every language I know even a smattering of - apparently Blogger responds to bad accents. :)

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