Tuesday, November 25, 2008


To recap - I foolishly upgraded my Nvidia driver on Friday (I think it was Friday) - I haven't been able to use the main SL viewer since. At first I would crash within minutes of logging on - after a while I would crash while logging on. I tried going back to earlier versions of the driver but it didn't help. I could use the old RC I have, so I've been working with that for the past few days. With mixed results.

Today I installed an even older version of the Nvidia driver thinking that might help. It didn't. So in desperation I uninstalled SecondLife. I downloaded and installed the main viewer again and redid all my firewall settings.

And yay! it seems to have worked. I hate to be too confident - but I've been working for about an hour and haven't crashed yet. I did have to change some of my graphics settings though - the quality wasn't good enough. But even that hasn't caused problems.

/me crosses fingers


Anonymous said...

whew..I have had huge issues with my nvidia and each new release of the viewer. Sometimes it almost makes me cry.. and its almost top end.. I just play.. I can imagine how frustrating it is for creators

Honour McMillan said...

When it's working it's far superior to anything I got from its competition. But when there's a glitch it's a huge pain to fix.
And the Nvidia site isn't really easy to use - at least not for me. I would respond to the questionnaire they have up except it's not easy either.
So the moral is - if it ain't broke don't fix it. No driver changes unless they're absolutely necessary! :)