Friday, November 28, 2008

I don't need Plurk!

I don't have time for a new addiction - but I did want to check it out and see what was going on. So I joined (don't expect me to visit very often though) and explored a bit. Turns out there are Plurkebrities! Just what we need. :) Having said that it turns out that one of these Plurkebrities is Paulo Coelho! cool! So I went and looked at his plurks and he linked to the following list on his Myspace page. This is all becoming way too wired! But the list is fun:

Top ten reasons why computers are male

  • 10. They have a lot of data but are still clueless.
  • 9. A better model is always just around the corner.
  • 8. They look nice and shiny until you bring them home.
  • 7. It is always necessary to have a backup.
  • 6. They'll do whatever you say if you push the right buttons.
  • 5. The best part of having either one is the games you can play.
  • 4. In order to get their attention, you have to turn them on.
  • 3. The lights are on but nobody's home.
  • 2. Big power surges knock them out for the night.
  • 1. Size does matter.

Top ten reasons why computers are female

  • 10. The instruction manual is mostly wishful thinking.
  • 9. Even after you've turned them on, they just sit there waiting for you to make the next move.
  • 8. Incorrectly worded commands are completely ignored, or worse, taken literally.
  • 7. They reveal all your secrets to anyone who wants to know.
  • 6. Upgrades react badly to things left behind by previous versions.
  • 5. Rules are absolute and there is no possibility of compromise.
  • 4. Whatever you buy for them, there will always be a newer version that they want.
  • 3. Nothing is ever "really" deleted... obsolete files will be brought up out of nowhere just to annoy you.
  • 2. Error messages always translate to: "Well if you don't know I'm not going to tell you."
  • 1. Despite your best efforts to prevent it, they continue to permit unauthorised entry.
    (Found in Internet)

OK, so if you can find your friends and Paulo Coelho on Plurk it's probably a good place to be. Now I have to find time!

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