Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hollow Earth Barony in Second Life

I'm going to stop telling people that my ruling planet is Inertia and start saying it's Serendipity. I had a serious face palm moment this morning!

I went to the hair fair (cause, yes, I'm an idiot and I keep thinking I'll find a pixie cut I like) and didn't stay too long. In spite of the fact that most people should be back at work, or in school, the crowd was still huge (and so was the pregnant woman with the 8,000 prim hair but I won't mention that). I didn't stay long but I did see a selection of fantasy hair I liked so I went to visit the store - Tekeli-li. It has some really cool stuff in it - including a group of underwater avatars that are truly spectacular.

However, back to the face palm moment. The area around the entrance to the store looked surprisingly familiar. I finally realized it was Hollow Earth Underdark, something I blogged about in July. Now I don't know if the build wasn't finished back then but I do know I didn't go above ground. OMG I should have and so should you!

Above ground is the Hollow Earth Barony. A gorgeous city with the most beautiful design. One of the things you'll notice immediately is that any change in sky colour (use windlight rather than waiting for the sl day to move on) changes the city character dramatically. The designer has taken that into consideration and although the character changes it is still remarkably striking and attractive.

Everywhere you look you see beautiful lines and textures. Inside the buildings you might find an elevator or a set of stairs that take you to another wonderful discovery.

This is a work of art built by Tekelili Tantalus, an artist in both lives. Yes I'm gushing, but you really need to go wander about this place to understand and then you will share my appreciation for what he's done.

Finding this city was a true I Love Second Life! moment. :)

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