Friday, September 24, 2010

Second Life Sculptures by Nessuno Myoo

Deep Red Loop a Tribute to Zoe Keating


There is a darling little hillside medieval village in Second Life called SaliMar. I love the design...all stairs and narrow alleys with small courtyards surprising you around the corner. But the best part - for me at least, was encountering the work of the sculpter Nessuno Myoo. The pieces are clever, whimsical, attractive and thought provoking.

The Secret Escape of the Puppets

The Mechanical Knight

The Tale of Angels

I also went to visit his Gallery (for some reason I'm assuming the sculpter is a "he", I apologize if I'm mistaken) which I enjoyed but honestly the pieces have a much better setting in this little village.

I really need to get shadows working to do these sculptures justice - go see them in person and then see the show in November at The Aho Museum. It's well worth the effort and you will thank me. :)

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