Friday, September 17, 2010

Indulging in Second Life alpha.tribe Skins

I've been very self indulgent recently. I went back to alpha.tribe because I just can't get enough of their skins and, although I don't usually wear the clothing that comes with them, I thought I'd give you a glimpse of the wonderful pieces that are included.

I'm in love with the Moth skin but this mohawk above deserved special mention (and yes I left off the tail and the wings just to keep the prominence of the headpiece).

The next head shot shows you just part of the cool cyborg-type limbs and pieces that are boxed with Natural Things v4.

Someday I'll invest in poses for these photos (maybe once Elusyve gets her store opened) but in the meantime I think you can get a feel for the Musha-e skin and its terrific mohawk.

Eventually I'll find myself at one of those occasions which will demand the full avatar design. In the meantime I'll just drive my friends crazy trying to guess which skin I'll be wearing. :)

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