Thursday, September 16, 2010

Kicking Puppies in Second Life

Sparky, Sparky, Sparky. sigh

I swear there are times I'm ready to give up on you! Really! The only reason I keep trying to help you is that I recognize that you truly love Second Life. That may, however, be your only redeeming quality.

I keep telling you that to be taken seriously you have to start actually exercising some of those teensy little grey cells every now and then.

We all know you come from the Rush Limbaugh school of debating (the whole trash the person who disagrees with you rather than actually debating the ideas approach, preferably using self-constructed epithets and insults to sound clever) but you really need to choose your targets with more care.

Picking on somebody who has never done anything to you is typical. But kicking a puppy, no matter how bright and articulate that puppy might be, is low even for somebody as mean spirited as you often are.

It's time to evolve. Either that or get better drugs!

At least try to move up the evolutionary ladder a bit - I realize this would be a big leap but it's an appropriate time of year to at least aim for something with sentience (however warped).

If you keep this up you will visit the SL Halls of Justice. I've been there and it's no fun. Fair warning - there's a very large pool of interested and enthusiastic potential jurors just waiting for the chance to pass judgement.




Thank you to Daniel Voyager for participating in the photo shoot!


Daniel Voyager said...

Thank you Honour for inviting me over. I love SL photo shoots and SL photography in general.

If you need me to do another one, feel free to IM me. Would be glad to participate.

- Daniel Voyager

Honour McMillan said...

You're on Daniel!

Adric said...

I was thinking it was a bunny (or perhaps a woodchuck) kicked, but it may have been a case of crossed names since there is a another name up now (same first, not last).

Perhaps this one is less a puppy.

Honour McMillan said...

It was an error - one which caused much distress to the victim. Sparky really needs to be sure of the facts if s/he is going to insist on attacking people all the time.

I'm trying to provide some coaching - but it's an uphill battle. :)