Sunday, September 12, 2010

Nemo in Second Life - Alnitak

One of the reasons I love Second Life is that I get to fall in love with something different every day. I'm sure you've all heard of the Nemo build by Sextan Shepherd - that astounding SteamPunk sim he has created. I made it to Alnitak this morning - the flying city. I'm in awe!

The Space-O-Rama is impossible to describe coherently - it's beautiful, complex, entertaining and really really cool.

The build includes some commercial space which is all in keeping with the theme - I saw no naked/bondage/skanky/tacky/ stuff you can find almost everywhere. Very nicely done!

The highlight for me is the SteamPunk Air Museum. It includes the most amazing and amazingly detailed machines that would make Jules Verne moan in envy.

You can sit on the flying machines to see them operate (you're inside the museum so they don't actually take you into the sky - you really wish they would though).

I'm so glad there are people like Sextan inworld sharing their talents with us.

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