Thursday, September 23, 2010

RIP Adric Antfarm

There is a crack in the mosaic that is my life and it hurts. A lot. Adric Antfarm has died.

My "Life" is an accumulation of everything I do and all the people, places and loved ones who have touched it (including all of my 4-legged children). Those who see SL as something which is "not real" lead very narrow lives. For the rest of us, we understand that the brain recognizes and values the emotions and relationships in the virtual world the same way it does in atomic space.

My "Life" would be paler and less rich if I discounted the importance of the lives who have touched mine in that portion which is lived in the metaverse.

Adric had a strong and vibrant voice and presence. Somewhere a blog is being born that will drive the various invisible friends and deities crazy.

I'd much rather he'd stayed here with us.

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