Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"Von the Revelator" Launch Party in Second Life

It was fun! It was epic! It was one of those nights in Second Life we'll remember for always!

I've been a fan of Von Johin since the day I first heard him at the opening gig for Gibson Island. He's one of the real good guys in any life and pure magic with that guitar of his. Yesterday Von's CD Von the Revelator was released and his regular tuesday night gig at the Music Park at Prim Economy was a celebration of this event.

I saw somebody wonder in Plurk why they hadn't received a TP to the event - well it just wasn't possible. The sim filled up before Von even began. At its height there were also 18 people in the next Prim Economy parcel "attending" and crowds listening on the stream at two overflow clubs - Johin's Blues Note Club and Utopian Dream. For reasons of sleep deprivation some in the audience occasionally had to leave, at which point those in the overflow clubs were invited to tp in. We never did manage, however, to fit everybody onto the sim.

Those who didn't make it to the main venue missed something special staged for Von by his Vonettes. We rehearsed for weeks but the bandaged toes were worth it - he was not only surprised but also pleased. :)

Ellion Melodie, Oura Scribe, Alexi Mizin, Honour McMillan, Harlee Johin, Whirligig Rutabaga, DZ Questi, Ahuva Heliosense (photo by Lampoon Destiny)

Even if you missed last night's concert you can share the joy of Von's music on his CD. He worked hard to make the album sound like you and his friends are sitting in his home enjoying an evening of music. And yes, that's Noma Falta you'll hear playing bass on one track. Von the Revelator is available (in either mono or stereo) at and downloads are available through Amazon, iTunes and all the other usual sites. Then come inworld and join his friends at future concerts - his schedule is always posted on his site.

There will be more albums coming (yay!) which is a good thing for two reasons. First, we can listen to Von anytime we want and, more importantly, the Vonettes have insisted that we appear on future covers. All that hard work deserves some recognition. :)


Dale Innis said...

I am sad I missed the party (and the Vonettes!); RL and SL were both keeping me too busy.

But I did help fix the door on the smoker! :)

Honour McMillan said...

We missed you! But good job with the smoker :0