Wednesday, September 29, 2010

No - This is Bullying

The word "bully" has been thrown around a lot in the metaversal blogosphere lately. I think it's time we were a little more cautious in our terminology.

This is what can happen as a result of bullying. The real thing.

If you or somebody you know is really being bullied then do something about it. Get information and support resources at sites such as the Workplace Bullying Institute, and

If you're interested in the fight against bullying check out those sites as well as Pink Shirt Day and how it started.

If you're just using the word because it makes it seem that your encounters with people who might not like you or agree with you sound more important than they actually are..... well then I think you owe those who really do have to deal with bullying a sincere apology.


White Lebed said...

Great point!

Anonymous said...

Thanks... Honour, for sharing this.

Skylar Smythe said...

...hard to judge unless you are close to the person being cyber bullied and able to witness for yourself the cost to their health... both mental and physical.

In some ways cyber bullies are far worse. They have unlimited access.

All bullying is wrong. In every degree if it disrupts or causes hardship to someone elses life, in my opinion.


Honour McMillan said...

Skylar you'll noticed I included links regarding cyber bullying:)

And yes, bullying causes an enormous hardship. That's my point - not all cries of "bullying" are valid. Real bullying is horrendous and can't be tolerated.

Disagreements are not bullying :)