Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Treasure Hunting in Second Life

I mentioned a while back that a new Treasure Hunt called Fortune Quest was starting up - and it has. Beginning today you can buy both the HUD and the daily hints for a minimal fee and start searching Second Life for the Treasure.

It turns out that I'm really bad at treasure hunting - not because of an inability to do it, my problem is more that I'm easily distracted (it seems). I was using search to try and find things that might apply to the words in the first clue and I kept seeing sites listed that looked cool. So I went to visit them instead of focusing on the task at hand.

The results to me look like the type of treasures we take for granted inworld - I really need to spend more time exploring great builds like StoneHenge in Space above. Or the next one I saw, Eturnal Night.

I don't know if this is what the designers had in mind, but it's a really neat way to force you out and about and make you experience sites such as Isolla Della Collina, a mediterranean town being built as I write this.

Second Life is way too big for any of us to say that we've seen it all. Anything that gets us on the tourist trail - even accidentally, is a good thing. I would never have visited Jaded Wings if I was just working on that stupid todo list that's mocking me on my desk.

So I thank the Fortune Quest people - and I will get back to actually trying to follow the clues. Right after I spend some more time hanging around the Lost Lighthouse.

I certainly won't win the prize in this Fortune Quest - but I'm having fun pretending to try. :)

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