Thursday, September 9, 2010

Nothing is Easy in Any Life

It's been one of those days. Allow me to lead you through a few of the highlights.

  • All of my active items on XStreet have been migrated over to the new Marketplace. I've edited them and added a bunch more (there's a way, just add them to your magic box and then use the sync function) and taken new photos which are uploaded and done the linking to other items. This is all good - I think they're better listings now. However, the translations for all of the Drama Doll Listings on XStreet are not there. So I've waited. And waited.
  • Today I went to find out when (and yes, if) they would be migrated. I searched the Wiki and found no mention of translations or translated versions.
  • I posted the question to the Commerce Group inworld asking if anybody knew anything. I received no responses.
  • I posted the question in the Commerce Forum. I received no replies.
  • I posted the question on Plurk. Apparently nobody knows.
  • I posted the question on Twitter. Apparently nobody knows there either.
  • I then decided to go to Jack Linden's Office Hour because he would know the answer. Right? Except he got delayed and wouldn't make it to the OH. Grant Linden arrived to tell us that and he's in charge of Marketplace (I think) so I tried asking him. But I was more than 30m away and neither of us could see the other's chat.

I have reached three conclusions.
  1. Very few people have translated their listings in XStreet. Otherwise this topic would have appeared before and somebody would have known the answer.
  2. My items have been migrated and no further incremental migrations will occur. So the translations apparently aren't coming over automatically and at this point, if they did, it would probably mean I'd have to rework the english version anyway.
  3. While XStreet still exists I'd better open two windows and start copying and pasting.

So 60 some odd listings times 4 languages - I have a lot of work to do. sigh


Skylar Smythe said...

Hard work :( It seems that they promised it would be a seamless migration of data from one to the other...

More and more it appears as though the staffing changes have impacted services as LL attempts to restructure and reassign responsibilities to the remaining crew.

I feel bad for them. It feels like they are struggling. And not a fun task for you.


Honour McMillan said...

I just try and think of it as building character. :)